What Is CHOLINE? (And Can You Get it On a Vegan Diet)

What is choline? Do vegans get enough of it on a vegan diet? It isn’t a vitamin, nor a mineral, but it is an essential nutrient for brain health, liver function and metabolism. Numerous studies have been conducted and have revealed the benefits of a choline-rich diet for keeping the brain healthy. Some researchers have concluded that it could play an integral role in Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention.

Are vegans at risk for choline deficiency? Some experts say that vegans should supplement the nutrient. However, choline is found in numerous plant foods: quinoa, mushrooms, pinto beans, spinach, almonds and beets to name a few.

Registered dietitian Heather Russell says that eating a varied, whole foods plant-based diets will provide enough dietary choline. Bahee Van de Bar, registered dietitian with the British Dietetic Association, says that it’s entirely possible to get enough choline on a vegan diet, but you have to have a plan.

Watch the video to find out more!


Choline Vegan Diet – bit.ly/2kNUftE
Foods for Brain Health – bit.ly/2kXeyVO

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  1. 1 If you all haven't seen a documentary called…. Its worse than you think… By revelations of Jesus Christ ministries… I suggest you do… All praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ

  2. It’s kind of impractical, especially on a limited budget, to get choline on a vegan diet, unfortunately. Note the amounts listed in the food items mentioned at the end of the video and then compare that to the 425-450 recommended adequate intake (AI) for adult women and men, respectively. And that’s before looking at SNPs that can affect choline uptake and use. For example, if a person as a problem with folate/folic acid metabolism (i.e. an MTHFR variant), choline becomes the main methyl donor and intake may need to be increased.

  3. Really??? showing peanut butter cookies when talking about health….WOW!!! SUGAR DOES NOT BELONG IN THIS VIDEO ABOUT HEALTH

  4. Genetic testing revealed my daughter has a snip variant to a gene that metabolizes choline. She has had focus and memory issues and was diagnosed ADD before we knew about the genetic factor. Supplementing with choline has been a game changer for her. We haven’t found the right amount yet, but keep trying.

  5. Please don't say its a good source if it has less has 10mg of choline, that's like 3% of the recommended intake.

  6. Actually I am now in diet and in one month of Ive lost 4kgs.. half rice every meal, pure vegetable with very small amount of salt.. but i am trying not to put sometimes.. i blend apple and banana for my snacks.. put lemon in my water… and I drink uva tea… by the end of this month i will have my blood chemistry check up.. hope it will be normalize now.. and by october i will have my ultra souns again to check if mild fatty liver already reverse.

  7. After 3 years of a clean vegan diet, I started to eat eggs, 2 a day. The reason was a huge craving of eggs, even raw. I never liked eggs and it was never my fav food before going vegan. But lately, last 6 months I started to sleep very bad, my focus went super low. I supplement myself with B12 and make sure I eat very rich diet ( I am a nutritionist). But the health was going down. After huge research I found out that we were eating eggs since we appeared on this planet (stealing eggs from birds). So our body is built to get enough of choline every single day and vegan diet can not cover it at all. Sources are mentioned in this video are max 30 mg all together. When we need 400 mg at least. To soften the consumption of eggs, I buy them from local people in my neighborhood who have a few chickens just for themselves, so I don't support huge violence. It's sad in a way because I really enjoyed being vegan. But eggs and omega 3 fish oil I must eat.

  8. Vegans are deficient in Retinol (Vitamin A). Only animal fat contains Retinol. No plant has it. Good-luck trying to get it through your grass!

  9. it was very interesting, i didn't know i had a liver problem, but i found it in your speech the signs of having a liver disease. All signs you have mention is true. thanks for all inspiring words it really helps.Thanks and bless you.

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