I show you how to make 3 simple, tasty & healthy vegan children’s meals.

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In todays video, I show you how to make vegan children’s meals. Super tasty, easy to make & healthy vegan food for children. These vegan recipes are low in salt, high in nutrients whilst being exciting & flavoursome. In the video, I make a simple lentil Bolognese, quick tortilla pizza & a beautiful bean dip.

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  1. Thank you so much, there are so many videos but so little for kids. Sad bc they need this so much ❤️ and me as a parent, i am often busy and in need of good recipes ❤️

  2. Love your videos! Great ideas there! But we need to get away from the idea that salt is bad per se. Sodium is an electrolyte essential for healthy nerve and muscle function among other things and can only come from your diet. No salt is very bad. I believe my aunt's dystonia was caused by cooking from scratch and adding no salt for years. It can be added to children's meals at the same ratio as adults and their smaller portions will lead to the lower required intake.

  3. I'm not a kid but I am autistic with extreme sensory issues, I'm trying to go vegan but the only veg I eat is sweet potato, potato and parsnip. I like hummus and I have a soup recipe I like but I only have 5 vegan options to eat at the moment. I'm also allergic to soy.

  4. I've have never seen a skinny cow or any animal that eats plant be skinny. As a teen and a young adult i burned more calories than i consume, because i was always on my bike exploring my environment, from one side of the city to the other. But know i have to go to the gym to burn in 2hrs what i used to burned by just not being lazy. I'm still going to make this for my daughter, so she can a lil healthier than me. But can't wait till simmer to go explore her environment, we have mountains, desserts ,rivers ,lakes, parks and very good public transportation system

  5. Thanks Gaz, more more more please, trying to go vegan with a toddler in tow has been a nightmare! …MORE kids options pleeeeeeease please please!

  6. I’m a mom of 2 and I don’t have the luxury of time to make complex food, this is simple and nutritious. Thank you, Gaz. I’ll keep my eye for the Part 2.

  7. Im in the process of transitioning to vegan…. i have for the most part have always been plant-based…. however my kids havnt. Its hard bc they are use to eating chicken nuggets and hamburgers. What are some recipes for these things that arent highly processed like “morning star” products. I have really picky eaters help! Btw they loved the pizza idea!! Thanks

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