Leaf Pasta, Lollipops & turmeric rice!

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As a mother, I feel it’s very important to teach our children about different foods. THEY are the future. These days, so many kids grow up with fast food with very little nutrition and fail to even recognize a simple tomato.

–Ways to teach your kids about food:

1. Grow a garden. This will get kids to want to try the yummy fresh veggies they grew themselves. They will feel proud!

2. Take them shopping with you. Get them to help put things in the cart. You can also let them pick out their own fruit and veggies.

3. Cooking. Let them help you prepare meals. They can take things out of the fridge, wash fruit/vegetables, mash, stir… This will get them excited to try healthy foods.

4. Bake with them. Baking is fun and you can find many recipes online to replace sugar, oil and animal by-products.

5. Let younger children play with their food. They will squish it in their hands, smell it and eventually taste it! This is very important for development.


-Check out what my vegan toddler eats every week for meal ideas:

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-Forks Over Knives Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (on Netflix, check this out for great health tips and recipes)




  1. What an amazing mum you are!! Loved this video, will now look at your others. I'm at the start of my vegan journey and trying to bring my family along with me, so these ideas are great, thanks x

  2. i am a new vegan i really liked your video's now i am asking my mom to make your recpies so far i tryed the pancakes and tonight pizza one your made and the sweet patatoe with banana was so yummy. i m big fan of your page would like to see new ones?

  3. You are so lucky. I have a picky eater and she hates everything I make. I tried vegan mac n cheese n she hates it. She only likes fruits.

  4. Um its not ideas it is a what she eats in a day so could you title it correctly please thanks

  5. Hi ..Thats not a good method to put raw turmeric directly over the rice ..
    Just in half a tspoon of oil quickly sortie the turmeric then add peas and rice and then u add water ..u can also add cumin seeds with turmeric .. Enjoy ur meal 🙂

  6. Great stuff!
    Would you put all of this in to chronometer so we can see the finally nutritional result.

  7. Such a helpful video, and so nice to see your daughter enjoying such great food. Thank you, I will try these recipes.

  8. HI
    great food, unfortunately my kids are really picky eaters…any idea how to change that? They eat vegan, but sometimes it is really difficult. Pizza with tomato lentil sauce is ok. But they don^t like it if i mix rice or pasta with vegetables. I have tried limiting snacks, so they are more hungry for meals (doesnt always work).

  9. All looks yummy. Do you ask her what she wants to eat each day or do you just make meals and put them in front of her?

  10. It so awesome to see her eat everything you make her.  My daughter is almost 2 and the pickiest eater ever.  Although we are not vegan I love your channel and want to try out some recipes for her.  they look delicious!

  11. I've just came acrosswith your channel and I don't really know why but I enjoy a lot watching at your daughter's menu for the day 🙂

    So, a question popped out in my head: when and how did you explain to her that she is a vegan and that what she eats is not the same as most of kids outhere eat?

  12. If you calculate your rising signs by using a birth chart calculated there's a possibility I recognised your signs correctly(rising signs are who you show the world, the mask we wear subconsciously) :)It's just interesting to me 🙂
    Also cracked/ black pepper activates curcumin in turmeric xxx

  13. I want you to cook for me! Lol. Please make more of these videos! I have to repeat now.

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