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  1. THANKYOU YOU'VE FINALLY GIVEN ME THE STRENGTH TO MOVE ON!!! Did Sallie and u ever get in touch once again though?!

  2. This is some of the best advice I've heard ever. Thank you.
    I needed this today.
    And on this very day ~ I now can say that trainwreck friendship that keeps blowing hot & cold (with never a warning) isn't my issue.
    It wasn't me.
    Trying to find some sort of reasoning was a never ending mystery problem… that was not in my heart, feelings or life. It was just too much uncertainty.

  3. I feel like I'm almost being this friend. This friend I have is really attached to the friendship, it's not good for my mental health but its good for hers. I keep trying to pull away but we're in the same class and group and I just keep ending up around her, but I feel like I'm being unfair by pulling away and coming back but idk what I could do.

  4. I like you better than the vegan teacher. You ain't forcing veganism on other, but damn that food looks good tho.

  5. Your channel is perfection ❤️ I love the vegan options you make! I’m def gonna try to make these when I can :3

  6. I mentioned it in another video, but it's been years and it's still hard from time to time. We were both different people from the get-go, I was and have always been the brightest personality out of all my friends. She was more gentle like a star you only see when its pitch black out. Eventually we were gonna separate, I didn't expect it to be so soon. I thought we'd see each other get married, have our kids be friends and live like that. And she did it at a time when I needed someone the most. My bonds since then have all been superficial. I simply don't care enough. For me, everyone leaves anyway. I'm still learning how to cope.

  7. Oh my gosh. Thank you Aunty ❤ I needed to hear this. I'm at the age where friendships have lasted for years, but adversity brings out the other person's morals very blatantly. It makes me question if our friendship will last. BTW, where do you buy your tub of vegan kimchi? It looks so good!

  8. As a guy you kinda build up a callus for rejection. Not that it still doesn't hurt but generally speaking we get to know that feeling quite intimately. I have enough friends and loved ones in my life now I'm the one keeping people at arms length. Being able to recover from rejection is a great thing though so happy to hear this subject talked about. If more people were better at dealing with this negative emotion we'd lose less people no doubt.

  9. I wish my friend come across this video and be reassured that it's not their fault.
    It's been less than a month since I cut off someone I deeply care about because I know I will do more harm than good in having access to that person. Though I did not fully disclose my reasons, even I myself, can see that I am being selfish. They did not oppose out of respect for me and even attempted to give me closure. But I knew I'll never really stop caring about them. I owe that person so much, but I know they deserve better. I still worry that they will use my rejection as a means to validate their own cruel self critique. I hope they realize and fully accept that none of it is their fault, rather all mine.

  10. Wow, you just explained what I always thought was missing when losing friendships. You just made me really happy now, thank you.

  11. Where can I find a big tub of Kimchi like that? The one I have at my local store doesn't taste like a particularly authentic version compared to others I've had, and it's expensive for a small jar. Any help is appreciated!

  12. I’m not vegan but almost everything I see In your videos hit different not just the food not just the story’s but more than both it’s so hard to explain but keep doing what you are doing when I see your videos I feel happy sometimes even sad. I love your content i wish you happiness for the rest of your life and the next.

  13. My sister is my forever friend. I’ve had so many friends & I lost each one each time I had a life problem & needed them to listen to me instead of me listening to them. After my grandmother had a stroke I ran on foot to the hospital a few blocks away. That night my friend who lived across the street was having a birthday party for her daughter. I ran home & made the Mac salad I promised I carried it over & ended up running back and fourth helping to prepare food for the party. No one asked how she was. I didn’t go to the party but had my daughter run over for a bit. She heard people ask where I was…at 12’years old she heard the reply that “stupid M’effers are not coming. My daughter proceeded to be locked in a pantry and bullied & sent home with nothing else said to me. Not even a thank you. She then blamed me for missing money & medication & cut me off the next day…after I told her my daughter told me what she said. She proceeded to tell all the neighbors what I did. That was over 10 years ago & to this day she still tries to pick on me & none of the neighbors ever talked to me again. If anything they like blocking my driveway & setting fireworks off in my yard. I can’t trust people anymore. My sister is the only person that has ever accepted me the way I am. She loves her niece & nephews & is always there for us. That’s all I need…I just wish I realized sooner & saved myself & fam a lot of heartache. Sorry…never had anyone to tell these things to really…love your videos truly.

  14. Omg those toasts look so good. I’ve been trying to cook my own food so I can be motivated to eat. Will be trying these soon!

  15. I wish I heard this advice back in my younger days. It would have really helped me get over my breakup from my BFF.

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