Plant based pet food: Freshpet discusses the launch of vegan food for pets

February 23, 2022 Veganista 19

#Veganpetfood #plantbasedpetfood # Scott Morris, Freshpet Co-Founder, President and COO discusses his company’s new plant-based pet food. Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes WATCH HERE: Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube: Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: About Yahoo Finance: […]

How Vegan Leather Is Made From Mangoes

February 13, 2022 Veganista 33

One Dutch company is making vegan leather from mangoes that would otherwise be thrown away. The cofounders hope it will reduce food waste while making the leather industry more environmentally friendly. MORE WORLD WIDE WASTE VIDEOS: How Rotting Vegetables Make Electricity | World Wide Waste… How Plastic Made With […]

The Basics of a Vegan Diet

February 4, 2022 Veganista 3

Vegan diets only include plant-based foods, and research has shown that vegan or vegetarian diets rich in plant-based foods are associated with lower LDL cholesterol, improved blood glucose and improved blood pressure. source

What Is CHOLINE? (And Can You Get it On a Vegan Diet)

February 3, 2022 Veganista 24

What is choline? Do vegans get enough of it on a vegan diet? It isn’t a vitamin, nor a mineral, but it is an essential nutrient for brain health, liver function and metabolism. Numerous studies have been conducted and have revealed the benefits of a choline-rich diet for keeping the […]

HOW TO GO VEGAN | Beginner's Veganism Tips

February 1, 2022 Veganista 35

Let’s chat!! Today I wanted to talk about making the switch to a plant-based diet and what you can do to make it easier! Whether you haven’t started yet, are on your journey, or a full blown vegan foodie, these tips can help you! What’s your most helpful veganism hack? […]

What Happens to Our Body if We Go Vegan for 1 Month?

June 30, 2019 Veganista 0

Let’s face it; we all have that burning desire to indulge in delicious things every now and then. Of course, I’m talking about the milk, bacon, cream, chicken, grilled cheese and more. But what if you decide to give up on these super tasty goodies? More like quitting the sweets […]

Is Veganism Healthy or Harmful?

June 30, 2019 Veganista 0

This video defines veganism and explores the benefits and pitfalls of following a vegan diet. This video explores the effectiveness of vegan diet and the related health results. We also interview a vegan, Aïda Retta, of the Vegans of UBC club in order to get their first-hand experience of following […]


June 30, 2019 Veganista 0

A vegan diet is just what the doctor ordered. As the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle are going mainstream, these doctors are leading the charge on advocating for plant-based nutrition as medicine. NEWS: REVERSING DIABETES: CANCER PREVENTION: ARE VEGANS HEALTHIER: DOCTORS: ~ Dr. T. Colin Campbell: […]


June 27, 2019 Veganista 0

Aside from the typical recommendations (ex: do some research before you begin) here are a list of 12 recommendations (+ a bonus tip + resources!) for anyone venturing into the world of veganism. Hopefully it offers some inspiration and insights to those who are interested in adopting more of a […]