I Went Vegan for a Month. Here's What Happened.

I decided to go vegan (plant-based diet) for month to see if it would make me feel amazing, healthier, & have more energy, like a cab driver told me it would. Also, I wanted to learn more about food and just see if I could do it.

We also stopped eating added sugar for a month:

Big thank you to everyone who talked to me!
Dr. Aaron Carroll youtube.com/healthcaretriage
Adrien Paczosa https://ilivewellnutrition.com/
Vince Lia youtube.com/channel/UCbuD2Iu622R8JDO7hA5i25w
Joe Hanson youtube.com/itsokaytobesmart & youtube.com/channel/UCsaEBhRsI6tmmz12fkSEYdw
Jake Jarvi youtube.com/pineappleboyfilms
& my wife
& my parents
& my baby

And check out that Kurzgesagt video for more info about the effects of animal agriculture

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Jakub Koziol
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Jon Ivy

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