How Vegan Leather Is Made From Mangoes

One Dutch company is making vegan leather from mangoes that would otherwise be thrown away. The cofounders hope it will reduce food waste while making the leather industry more environmentally friendly.

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How Vegan Leather Is Made From Mangoes



  1. Hey guys we could reduce world hunger with these mangos..

    Nah. Let’s make overly expensive designer wallets

  2. I like it when the fruit leather is made to be edible… but my store stopped selling yummy yummy fruit leather…..

  3. If an animal dies with a natural cause, its ok to take their skin. Unlike some vegan activists would even not like this

  4. This will only become more funny as time passes. Could have fed it to something. Animals don't live forever so if we don't eat them, wouldn't they go to waste?… (Let it help grow plants, cows eat grass, leather…) Vegans are now starving animals so we don't eat them… Joking but the logic is funny to me.

  5. If it's vegan how the hell can it be leather??? That is an oxymoron. Am I the only one who notices this?? Vegan leather, come on you damn hipsters, wake up out of your lala land

  6. The additives and final coating, are they petroleum based? How much energy from fossil fuels are used from farm to consumers are used to produce this?

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