How To Make Vegan Ceviche

Chef Jorge García makes vegan ceviche, almost burns the glass on the stove and explains the difference between lime and lemon.

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  1. Ceviche without seafood is just another kind of salsa. But this looks bomb, and I love every ingredient that went in the dish minus the cauliflower.

  2. This is just a fancy pico de gallo, go to mexico and try to call this ceviche and theyll crucify you where you stand.

  3. For everyone calling this a salad. The term ceviche is basically a reference to the technique of "cooking" something in lemon, lime or another type of citric acid. Yes, traditionally made with seafood, nonetheless, this is still ceviche.

  4. So a sald?I get that people don't want to eat meat or seafood. Great for them. Just can't understand why they are give it a meat or seafood name. Fried tofu or Satan is vegan fried chicken. So on and so on. Are vegans and vegetarians ashamed of what they are eating?

  5. Looks good, especially the salsa. Ceviche without seafood is bomb, at least in Mexico what makes a good ceviche is ingredients, i would bet using a meaty mushroom and some seaweed shreds would give folks who don't eat animals a good fishy taste to the dish.

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