HOW TO GO VEGAN | Beginner's Veganism Tips

Let’s chat!! Today I wanted to talk about making the switch to a plant-based diet and what you can do to make it easier! Whether you haven’t started yet, are on your journey, or a full blown vegan foodie, these tips can help you! What’s your most helpful veganism hack?

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  1. Wonderful tips. I have been vegan for soon 3 years and I regret not doing it sooner. It's great to have some guidelines to get one started. <3

  2. I cannot bring myself to use vegan butter or margarine but I enjoy trying vegan recipes. I hope to do more and more vegan recipes in the future. I am starting to understand how that a vegan diet can give me enough proteins, no problems. And iron if I add more green veggies. I see vegan cooking as an alternative if I miss ingredients to make a cake or pancakes for example. I dont have eggs, no problem, I can still make pancakes!
    Thank you for inspiring us and for the well done presentations , your personnality shines through, you sound authentic.

  3. And what exactly are those who have the normal gene expression where the factors needed to utilize synthetic b12 are absent? Especially true for those of Nordic and Northern Europe descent, where a lack of milk, meat and egg causes deficiency, and, possibly permanent damage?

    It seems to me, vegans want to ignore this truth, but this need, not met by my vegan diet nearly killed me.

  4. Another tip I have is buying a few cookbooks:
    – 1 for everyday healthy food (like "Oh She Glows" or "Power Plates");
    – 1 for comfort classics (like "The Edgy Veg", "Fuss-Free Vegan", or "Vegan Comfort Classics");
    – 1 for sweets (any dessert cookbook by Isa Chandra or "Chloe's Vegan Desserts" by Chloe Coscarelli).
    This way you'll be pretty much covered for all your food needs: but this time vegan!
    Follow the recipes and you'll learn while enjoying yourself a lot in the kitchen ☺️

  5. Love the tips. Even though I can cook complex vegan meals, there is always room for something new and definitely room for improvement. Thanks Candace.

  6. Skin-on Potatoes boiled with garlic and rosemary then mashed with plant based milk, butter, bouillon and nooch. Add some siracha if you like a little smoke and heat. Serve plain with butter or with a simple, light gravy.

  7. I love how you’re adding tips on cooking, to me going vegan has helped me learn how to cook! I feel like it’s a super power honestly. Thank you for making this, had to share it!

  8. I had no idea where to find nutritional yeast when I first went vegan, but once I found it, I wondered why I never heard of it before because it is amazing! I have a friend who has been vegan for decades and I should have brought her with me the first time I went looking for some of these new ingredients. Have a guide or be a guide!

  9. loved these tips! My best tip is to have a good spice selection at hand. It's somewhat daunting when you're a new vegan or new cook in general and you're missing something. Look at recipes in advance that you'd like and stock up if you can!

  10. According to the Oreo FAq and I quote

    "Yes, OREO products are veggie-friendly! Are OREO cookies suitable for vegans? No, OREO have milk as cross contact and therefore they are not suitable for vegans. … OREO products do not contain nut or nut traces."

  11. I went vegan over 25 years ago. There wasn't the convenience foods then. I didn't even had tofu or soy products until university where I was introduced to it by my Chinese friends. Other international students introduced me to their cuisines that are naturally vegan. I learned about other cultures and how many were naturally on vegan diets. For instance, Orthodox Christians eat primarily vegan during high holidays. One of my most memorable meals was at an Ethiopian classmate's house. Another was when I went to study in the UK and tried Indian cuisine for the first time. I was amazed how a cuisine had so many vegan options on a menu. The best was I didn't have to explain much when I told them no animal products. I felt safe going to certain places because they got it straight away and know what you can or cannot eat. Buddhist temples was where I ate through rural Asia with no issues. I'll admit when I started it was very hard, painful and boring because where I grew up were limited options. The upside of where I was is that I had excellent access to produce, legumes, nuts, etc. In Italy we have so many ways to eat veggies and many dishes are naturally vegan. It wasn't boiled to death like in north America. The downside for me was socializing and going out to eat whether at a friend's place or resto was complicated. Most restos then were only familiar with vegetarian. Whenever I went over to someone's house I brought my own food. In the past I had slips where they said the soup is vegan but to find out they used chicken broth or bouillon. Or if they used veggie broth they crushed amaretti cookies on the top in some dishes. Now everyone gets it and it is so much easier without explaining yourself. Even in my village I can find soy at a local health food store.

  12. My grandmother taught me to ALWAYS read through a recipe before you get started. And thankfully I grew up with family that was all about seasoning.
    Candice, would love to see a healthy snacks vid! Or do you have one that I've missed? Snacking kills me, lol

  13. Great tips, totally agree you need to know how to cook , I am Hispanic and so happy that I still eat my favorite foods my plant based way. Using spices is a definite plus.

    I have only been eating this way for about 2 years and love it and hope to continue the rest of my life, I was able to exceed my goal weight eating this way which is another plus. I have been watching your videos for sometime now and everything always looks so good.

  14. Hey Hey >;-) I loved the taste of the Milk left at the bottom of the cereal bowl after my breakfast. I am happy to say I have found that flavour . I use the screw lid ziploc jugs. The small one.
    Add one cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 or 3 tablespoons of real maple syrup. Your call with how much maple. Shake well and enjoy. I drink this all the time >;-)

  15. As a vegetarian for over a quarter century I say: Before becoming vegan or vegetarian LEARN TO COOK. Learn to follow a recipe. Learn to measure ingredients. Learn flavor profiles. Learn timing, testing for doneness. You need to learn all of this with foods you are already comfortable eating so you can more easily evaluate new vegan recipes. Learning to cook is especially important for people who live in places where vegan convenience food isn’t available and their only option is to cook all of their meals. Learning to cook and becoming vegan at the same time is extremely frustrating and may cause one to give up the journey.

  16. Loved this. Cooking with the recipes you know but just swapping to vegan is such a good thing. So easy to google replacements for things/find a YouTube video on it.

  17. A very big tip to going vegan is to not get mad at yourself for making a mistake by eating something you thought was vegan and turned out to be not vegan. We are human and mistakes are just another way of learning something new.

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