All around the world the school is starting and it’s time to bring out the lunchbox and fill it up every day.
Here is the chance to get some ideas on healthy easy Vegan/ plant based lunches for your kids and for yourself.
Pretty much everything of this you can make anywhere around the world.
Remember to create your own lunches mixing and matching as your heart desires!

Lunchbox #1

Rice with Chickpeas

Lunchbox #2

Peanutbutter/ jam sandwich
Vegan cheese (Vio Life)
Goji berries

Lunchbox #3
Mashed potatoes

Lunchbox idea #4
Veggie wrap
Celery sticks
Carrot sticks

Lunchbox idea #5
Mac and Cheese
Mixed peppers
Fresh broccoli
Dried fruit

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  1. To everyone saying that this is bad, sure might be a little boring (mashed potatoes and salad) but these are just lunch ideas! Not part of a whole day's worth of food. Have you seen what some kids take in their lunch boxes these days? Processed meats and fats, cakes, and so on. As a mum of 2 myself, making lunches can be tricky with many places not allowing nuts and so on, so kids can often go to school with simple things as well. Fruits, veggies, sandwiches, and crackers etc. They aren't at school to gorge themselves on shit.

    Remember this is just a few simple lunches to try, not necessarily what she has every day all day.

  2. Your babies need so much more. They are growing. Please. Include more calcium, protein and vitamin supplements. I don't care about you or your diet. You make your own decisions. Your babies cannot. They rely on you for life. X

  3. I'm sorry to say, but that's child abuse. Seriously. Doesn't your baby matter more than animals? Buy locally where there isn't animal abuse and feed your child properly. You're killing her.

  4. This is concerning, seriously, I know she has the best intentions but this meals are not adequate for a child. Please, do not use this video as an example of a balanced diet for your vegan kid. This foods are practically carbs and pretty much just raw, which is really heavy on the stomach particulary for children. With a smaller meal portion than what we see on this video 5:37 with a good source of protein, healthy fat and some carbs your kid should be fine. By no means mashed potatoes with lettuce and some tomatoes are a balanced meal for a growing child. With a diet like this, hair, skin, nails and even their theet will be very weak and in a bad condition. Hoping that soon people can learn more about nutrition on a vegan diet, it's much needed. I hope I didn't offend anyone I'm just genuinely concern as a vegan myself and trying to share what I learned after suffering myself.

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