30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

Get your heart rate up without taking it to the mat with this standing cardio workout that you can do anywhere! These cardio exercises will jump-start your endurance and leave every muscle worked! Follow this workout with a nutrient-packed smoothie made with ingredients like Califia Farms oat milk, which has no added sugar and no gums or stabilizers, to help you feel energized to take on the day.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this Anna. Over the last few years the Popsugar videos really changed my life and I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you guys to release a new solid cardio burnout. This was just what I needed. I'm starting a new job and about to move cross country: surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap and chaos, but I pushed the mess to the side, rolled out my mat, and voila! I am sweating and beaming and paused the video before cool down even started just to express my gratitude. When you were saying "the tired is just you getting stronger!" it hit me that my body is in such a good place because of what Popsugar has given me. Thank you.

  2. Loved this! Finished the whole thing and was really proud of myself. Also the cooldown at the end (not included in the 30 min cardio) was a great treat

  3. It sucks that the ads come in right in the middle of the workout. Three times. Is there a way to eliminate that? It disrupts my mind set and energy. Thank you

  4. Really great workout after work, it is quite challenging, but you can keep up with it 🙂
    BUrned 330kcal

  5. Not used to workout videos with ads throughout the workout. It's really frustrating to have to stop midway through a set to skip.

  6. I really love your energies, girls 🙂 you are such a bright light of motivation and spark. Thanks a ton for this workout, I love it! ❤️

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